Music Studio on Round Hill - Private Piano and Voice Lessons
Jenna Hintz has been teaching piano to our 6 1/2 year old for over two years with great success. Her teaching style is supportive, yet progressive, instilling piano habits that are steadily taking our child to higher levels of proficiency. Jenna is truly a musical expert whom we greatly admire and respect. 

- Carolyn R.

Not only does Jenna have a spectacular operatic voice, but she is an awesome teacher.  She works on the support from the diaphragm, and gets us to imagine the sound going up the tube and out the eyebrows.  I am always amazed at how she can pick up on my subtle (and not so subtle) physical changes, which pinch my sound and cause angst with the high notes.  When she tweaks, wow, what a difference.

- Suzanne S.

I’ve been singing as a tenor at various choirs for over half a century here in the US, as well as England and Japan. How to sing technically, besides enjoying music itself, has always been an issue.  I have had voice lessons previously , but they were too sporadic and loose.  Consequently I have developed my own way of singing, rarely appropriate. More than a year has passed since I started having lessons with Ms. Jenna Hintz, and my challenge, which started from the very basics like how to have good posture and to breathe better for more enjoyable singing, seems to be evolving and has become more rewarding,  though still in the midst of progress.  I feel  more comfortable saying I’m moving forward to sing classical music better. 

Jenna has been so solid in the principles of singing, flexible in communicating and receptive and adaptable to any situation.  She listens and observes me intensely .  Her comments and directions are clear, straightforward, and encouraging.  Different from other performing arts, singing is physical, but body parts used for singing, inside mouth as well as body on the whole, are often hardly visible and untouchable from the outside. But she has been analytical and rational. Furthermore,  with being so watchful, she finds small body movements which indicate internal body movements, and directs me right. No way to cheat her! She is passionate in teaching, generous  and  empathizes to those having bad habits through a long history of singing like me. She is versatile too, ready to accommodate what I would like to do. My next challenge is to explore songs in America. And I look forward to such a time coming shortly.

- Nicky A.
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